Neighborhood Parks and Recreation

Biking, hiking, walking, and running trails help contribute to the livability of the area. 10.9% of  acreage in the southeast neighborhood is dedicated to parks. Community parks and recreation assets include:

Edgewood Pool & Community CenterMembership based community, non-profit swimming pool Edgewood Pool is located near Spencer Butte Middle School and Edgewood Community Elementary School. It is a popular place for local residents.

Frank Kinney Park

Frank Kinney Park: Frank Kinney is a 8.97-acre neighborhood park located at the end of West Amazon Drive and Martin Street. The park contains a small ADA play area, trails through the natural areas and across amazon creek, and the southernmost portion of the Rexius Trail. The Amazon Headwaters Trail, which connects to the rest of the Ridgeline trail system can be accessed at the end of Canyon Drive.

  • Volunteers are needed at Frank Kinney now to help maintain the wood chip path surrounding the playground by removing weeds then adding wood chips, cleaning the park play structures and weeding landscape beds. Volunteers would work to help natural resources by weeding and mulching plantings along the creek and removing invasive species like blackberry from the Amazon Creek corridor. 

Kincaid Park: The land for Kincaid Park was donated to the city by Frank Kinney, a local home builder, in the late 1950s. The 4.1 acre neighborhood park is located at E 39th Avenue and Kincaid Street. The park contains two ball fields with bleachers and backstops.

Milton ParkMilton Park is a small, 0.6-acre park located at the intersection of University and Potter streets. It was originally developed in the 1960s and renovated in 2004. Currently, a group of neighbors are working to make it a pesticide-free park.

Rexius Trail: Nicely groomed 3.5 soft surface loop running between east and west Amazon drive. Marked every quarter mile making it a perfect fit for tempo runs. You can easily access other trails from here including Adidas Amazon Trail or you can head up to Hendricks Park and Ridgeline trail. [map]

Ridgeline Trail System: Eugene’s Ridgeline system rings the southern edge of the city with a series of large, semi-connected parklands. Valued deeply by the community for recreation, open space, and habitat values, the Ridgeline system is accessed through a network of over 12 miles of trail starting at seven main trailheads.

  • The Eugene Parks Foundation is currently raising funds for a new trail. To learn more about the project or to make a donation, please visit

Shadow Wood Park: Shadow Wood was purchased in 1989 and developed in 2001. A small neighborhood park located at the intersection of Barber and Shadow Wood drives, the park contains a small play area with swings and a forested corner. A tile hopscotch court by local artist Betsy Wolfston is inset into the path pavement.

Tugman ParkTugman Park is one of Eugene’s largest neighborhood parks. It is a beloved park for neighborhood kids who love playing in the sand and on the play structures or visiting the natural area in the northwest corner of the park. An adult kickball league and kid’s soccer are enjoyed by many. Southeast Neighbors has held it’s annual summer picnic at Tugman for many years and officially adopted the park in 2013.

  • Volunteers are needed at Tugman now to help with landscape bed maintenance, cleaning play structures, painting over graffiti, play sand maintenance and removal of non-native species along the Tugman creek corridor to benefit native species.

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