Southeast Neighbors publishes a weekly electronic news summary and maintains an email contact list for the neighborhood. We use it to send alerts if there is danger and to share events, opportunities and relevant news. We do not share neighbors’ email addresses and subscribers can unsubscribe easily at any time.

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Printed Newsletters

Since 1976, the City of Eugene has financed the publication of neighborhood newsletters and other print communication. Each neighborhood association is provided an annual allocation at the beginning of the fiscal year (July) to meet their public information and outreach needs. This includes print publications, events and other activities that generate awareness of or promote interest and participation in neighborhood associations and their activities. Newsletters are produced by neighborhood volunteers and are free to residents and businesses of the neighborhood. Space is available for letters to the editor and editorial comments from neighbors. All signed letters will be published as space permits. Editorials express the author’s views, not the position of the Neighborhood Association, the City’s elected officials, or City staff. Send comments, articles, or letters to the editor to

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